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React and GraphQL Node.js

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This is project my team built for African wide 'Build For SDG 2020' Challenge. I worked as back-end egnineer in my team


A couple of years ago, our country was suffering from a very high shortage of foreign currency. To the point where many infrastructure projects almost came to a halt. The country was slowly depleting its reserve. On the other hand, we had farmers who produce a lot of cash crops and animal products that are in high demand in foreign markets. It was common to see farmers selling their products for cheaper than their market value just to get enough money to buy seeds and fertilizer for the next season. Sometimes even shifting to planting the common teff and maize, which have high demand in local markets. strong All this just because they don't have the access to export their products with high demand elsewhere. The export market is only accessible to those with an established network and reputation. That created a bottleneck in the entire agriculture industry. Crippling it from making the revenue it should. The huge contrast between the potential foreign currency we could get just from exporting agricultural products would have solved our lack of foreign currency if it was channeled in an efficient and 21st-century-like approach. This is what inspired us to come up with a solution for the problem.

Impact of our solution

Our platform simplifies the process of import-export. It enables anyone, even with a nonexistent network, to connect with importers and get in export business easily. This will greatly improve the lives of poor farmers because if the export demand grows they will also get well compensated for their products and will also be motivated to produce products based on the demand of foreign markets. This will help us get good revenue from brokering the deals, while letting traders do their jobs at ease, with a smooth flow. It will also help our country get more foreign currency and share its great products with the rest of the world.

Live link: expore the app

server app Github link: src code

client app Github link: src code

Snapshot of the app